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Interconnect and experiment.

We make experimental gear for electronic musicians.
From guitar pedals to eurorack synthesizer modules, Boredbrain specializes in uniquely interesting utilities and i/o devices.


05.07.2024Multi-channel direct output modules-DB25, TRS & IO, now available!
03.06.2024Xcelon giveaway goes live at Perfect Circuit!
02.08.2024Full restock of all eurorack patch cables in 10 colors and 8 lengths
01.07.2024Xcelon now available at retailers worldwide
11.20.2023Pre-orders open for Xcelon eurorack mixer and XP3 expander
09.09.2023Xcelon Mixer announced at Knobcon XI. Stay tuned!
08.22.2023Patchulator Pro has arrived!
04.19.2023Full restock of all eurorack patch cables!
02.09.2023Spdf, Xport, and Mimix modules added to the lineup.
01.10.2023Monitr included in Eurorack Gear of 2022 by Orb Mag!
10.26.2022Tim of Podular Modcast reviews Xchangr and EQx5
09.29.2022 Added 2 new graphic t-shirts for purchase in the online store
09.23.2022Restocked our entire line of patch cables in 10 colors and 8 lengths
07.12.2022Released 3 more eurorack modules for external interconnectivity: Monitr, UniFX, and Xchangr
09.14.2021Introduced Boredbrain’s first 3 eurorack modules: Injectr, Optx, and EQx5
06.03.2021Added black eurorack power cables for sale in online store
03.15.2021Upgraded pedal devices to version 2: Patchulator v2, IntrFX v2, Terminal v2
02.17.2021Adam is invited as the special guest on Podular Modcast with Tim Held


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