• Adam on Podular Modcast
    The super nice and witty Tim Held of Podular Modcast recently invited Adam onto the show to talk about his musical history and Boredbrain’s upcoming new eurorack modules. It was a great time, and we hope you’ll check it out,… Read More »Adam on Podular Modcast
  • Yes, we are alive.
    We’ve been diligently working on a slew of new products, which include a few remakes, and a whole new product range, which we are very excited about. There’s only two of us, so this of course takes serious time and… Read More »Yes, we are alive.
  • Restocks coming soon!
    We just restocked all SPLIX, and all of our devices, which are in production right now, should be available before the end of February. Lots of changes are happening at Boredbrain, and we are building our products using improved processes… Read More »Restocks coming soon!

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