Patchulator Cables

3.5mm TRS Stereo

Additional and extended cables to interconnect multiple Patchulators.

  • Custom designed for exceptional durability, feel and handling
  • Manufactured to withstand thousands of patches
  • Suitable for audio and control voltage signals in eurorack modular synthesizer systems
  • Cables are carefully packaged to prevent kinks

Boredbrain 3.5mm Patch Cables were designed with frequent patching in mind. The grippy and extra-flexible strain-relief makes pulling easy, yet the plug is very slim. The cable has a medium-sized diameter which is durable and drapes evenly.

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Technical specs:

  • length measured from strain-relief to strain-relief
  • TRS to TRS (stereo/balanced)
  • 1/8-in nickel-plated plugs (3.5mm)
  • high-flexibility molded strain-relief
  • 4mm medium-duty PVC jacket
  • AWG 26 OFC copper wire with spiral shield
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6-inch Slime Green 8-Pack, 24-inch Slime Green 2-Pack, 48-inch Slime Green 2-Pack