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Eurorack Modules are here!

Today we’re excited to announce Boredbrain’s first eurorack modules are here and now available for purchase! These three creative utility modules have been in the works for some time now; it just took us a long time to ramp up production and build everything! Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and patience. We have several other module designs finished as well, and our hope is that sales from these three first releases will help us to fund production of a full range of other creative utilities in the eurorack format.


EQx5 is an effective 5-band stereo equalizer for eurorack synthesizers. The module allows for quick and musical adjustments to the frequency content of audio signals, with voltage-control of all parameters for experimental EQ processing.


Injectr is a fully-equipped electric guitar and bass interface for eurorack synthesizers. The module features an overdrive-capable preamp, versatile amp simulator, and control voltage extractors designed to inject stringed instrument signals directly into the modular environment.


Optx is a compact and bi-directional ADAT lightpipe converter for eurorack synthesizers. The module provides 8 channels of input and output expansion to many pro audio interfaces, and may be used standalone for noise-free interconnections between eurorack systems.