What are the advantages of using the Patchulator 8000 versus a typcial rack-mounted patchbay?

It certainly depends on your scenario, but the Patchulator 8000 is unique in its size and portability, which allow it to be localized right next to your effects and instruments. This means shorter cable runs and immediate accessibility. You can read more about these differences here.

Is the Patchulator 8000 balanced or unbalanced?

UPDATE! Units produced before 12/15/2016 are not stereo-capable. If you are unsure, open your Patchulator 8000 and check for either circuit board or hand-wiring. Circuit board versions are stereo-capable and can be used with optional stereo patch cables. Older hand-wired versions are mono only.

Does the Patchulator 8000 accept guitar or line-level signals?

Yes, both. Although, it is up to you to adjust levels accordingly when using guitar pedals and other gear together.

Are the channel jacks on the Patchulator 8000 normalled, half-normalled or open?

They are "open", meaning that a patch cable must always be used to pass any signal at all. This is useful in that you may not want to send an effect to itself, which may cause runaway feedback within certain devices.

Will I need extra cables when connecting the Patchulator 8000 to my pedalboard?

Typically, yes. When using any patchbay, you will need both a send and return cable for each effect.

Will the Patchulator 8000 add noise to my rig?

No more than adding cables would. Channels on the patchbay are electrically isolated from one another entirely thanks to non-metallic audio jacks. Unless you run all your power cables directly across the patchbay itself, or you live directly beneath a power station, perceivable noise should not be an issue. In fact, the Patchulator 8000 should be quieter than an unbalanced rack-mounted patchbay as cable runs are typically much shorter. With some amplifiers however, you may wish to ground one of the enclosure's screws to reduce the chances of added noise from such circuitry.

Can I use flat "pancake" style 1/4" plugs with the Patchulator 8000?

We have not tested the fit ourselves, but have seen rigs and heard from some users that pancake jacks can be used with the Patchulator 8000. It is a tight fit.

Is the Patchulator 8000 DC-coupled for use with control voltage modulation signals?

No, but it does not matter. It is a passive device that simply directs signals, just like an audio cable. It is perfectly ok to patch low-voltage control signals into and out of the unit.